Bomber strikes Consulate in Afghanistan amid travel warning

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If you’re planning on traveling out of the United States anytime soon, you may want to reschedule.

The State Department is warning worldwide travelers to be on the alert for potential Al Qaeda attacks throughout the month of August, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

It could have something to do with a new threat from Al Qaeda top dog Ayman Al Zawahiri.

The threat caused the US to close 22 embassies and consulates on Sunday, and they may stay closed for a while.

While terrorist threats are nothing new, These latest threats may hold some merit.

On Saturday, nine children in Jalalabad, Afghanistan were killed and 23 other people wounded when a suicide bomber went off at a mosque near the Indian consulate.

No one’s taken responsibility for the bombing yet, and a suspicious package was found at the US embassy in Israel. The area was cornered off and the bomb squad called out, but it turned out to just be a purse.

These days no one wants to take any chances.

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