Iran president Rouhani inaugurated; Zimbabwe President re-elected amid fraud claims

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Foreign dignitaries and regional leaders in Iran got to do something new this weekend. They got to watch HASSAN ROUHANI take the oath of office before parliament on Sunday.

It happened a day after ROUHANI was confirmed by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenini.

Rouhani seems like a breath of fresh air, replacing two-term president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with promises of being less restrictive on international affairs and civil liberties…

Guess we’ll see if he sticks to his guns.

Over in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe and his weird mustache are celebrating being elected to a seventh term in office, but his opponents say the election is a fraud.

Even the US is weighing in on it, with secretary of state John Kerry saying the results of Wednesday’s election are flawed and “don’t represent a credible expression of the people”.

Now some, like the candidates who lost, are vowing to take legal action, while the regional power of South Africa has declared its support for Mugabe.

Sounds like this tug-of-war for power isn`t going to be resolved anytime soon.

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