Human Rights Watch says Syria is attacking civilians with missiles

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ALEPPO, SYRIA – Syria`s Bashar al-Assad is setting his sights on his countrymen, but not in a good way. Human Rights Watch says shellings like this earlier in the year have killed hundreds of civilians, including children, as Assad tries to end more than two years of civil war. The organization says it has investigated nine possible ballistic missile strikes this year, attacks that have killed 215 civilians.

Most of them hit Aleppo, where at least four ballistic missiles struck three populated areas in February.

And Human Rights Watch says a possible ballistic missile attack in June  north of Aleppo killed at least 21 adults and 8 children.

Over the weekend, Assad decreed that Syrians could end up doing ten years of hard labor for using foreign currency, particularly the popular US dollar. But the Syrian lira has lost about seventy-five percent of its value in the last two years.

Today, you`d need at least 200 lira to buy one thing at a 99-cent store.

You know things are bad when you put people in prison for trying to feed their families.

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