More embassies close because of imminent terrorist threat

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WASHINGTON, DC – People are starting to think twice about all of that information collected by the National Security Agency. The CIA and the NSA have been picking up intelligence tips from terrorists for several weeks.

And all that chatter indicates a possible terror attack in Yemen, home to al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula.

Analysts think the terrorists are ready to strike, so now counter-spies are looking through databases, checking telephone intercepts, and monitoring Web sites for clues. A world-wide travel warning for Americans remains in effect, and embassies  And consulates in 16 countries remain closed, most of them across North Africa and in the middle east, including four not on the original list.

US forces in Spain and Italy are on a higher state of alert. And 1,500 marines and three Navy warships are in the red sea off the coast of Yemen, ready to respond.

A senior US official is reported to be concerned about al-Qaeda terrorists surgically implanting bombs inside their bodies, making them undetectable in crowds, on trains and planes, and in public buildings.

In May 2012, a suicide bomber killed more than 100 cadets practicing for a military parade in Yemen`s capital.

In January, Islamic terrorists killed at least 39 foreigners and took more than 800 hostages in an attack on a gas facility near In Amenas in Algeria.

A Nederville native and a Katy man were among those killed in the assault, bringing home the worldwide war with terrorists.

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