Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan wants death penalty

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FORT HOOD, TX – There’s been more bizarre behavior from Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hasan.

Day two of the trial was halted after his defense lawyers asked to withdraw from the case.

Hasan is representing himself, and the lawyers were just for backup. But now they say Hasan is trying to get himself executed.

Hasan wasn’t allowed to plead guilty. That would have eliminated the death penalty.

So, it looks like he’s going for it on his own, putting up no defense, not cross-examining any witnesses, and raising no objections.

He even began day one of the trial with the statement “I am the shooter.”

While many Americans would like to see Hasan sentenced to death, this apparent self-sabotage could backfire. An appeals court could very well deem his defense so lousy that the trial wouldn’t be considered fair.

But nothing about this is fair.

13 people died in Hasan’s shooting rampage.

Even if Hasan is trying to cheat the system, let’s hope justice is ultimately served.