Hackers are hijacking the most sacred room in the house

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pottyTOKYO, JAPAN – Hackers have struck again, this time it’s at the most sacred room in the house… the bathroom.

When it comes to porcelain thrones, the Satis smart toilet is one posh potty. It’s the Bugatti of toilets selling for more than $5,000 with features like music (to set the mood), an automatic flush, a bidet spray and a fancy fragrance release.

It may sound nice but this costly commode uses Bluetooth to communicate with its app and every model is hardwired with the same security code. Talk about ‘backdoor vulnerability’ and a ‘security hole.’

Hackers can attack those using this lavish loo by blasting the bidet spray or closing the lid while ‘business’ is being conducted. They can also control flushing, which could raise your water bill and drain your bank account.

What kind of sick, twisted person would resort to this? Probably a family member since you’ve got to be within about 30 feet.

Right now there’s no fix; so you should take caution when answering nature’s call.

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