Lady Gaga goes nude for new, weird video

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gagaNEW YORK, NY – A pop star losing her mind isn’t that unheard of, and Lady Gaga is no exception.

She was quiet for a long time, even deactivating her Twitter account for a while, but she’s got a new album coming out, so as usual, it’s time for the crazy antics.

The latest from the Gaga vault is a video called ‘The Abramovic Method.’

So what exactly is it? Who knows!

In the video, Gaga lays on the floor and sings a note for about 20 seconds. She does it again in the rain, and then gets naked.  The foolishness continues until it ends with her in a bed of ice or crystal or something.

We’re sure her ‘little monsters’ are eating it up, and we’re sure there’s some uber-cool deep meaning behind it, but c’mon Gaga, give us what we really want — a good song to dance to in the club!

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