Navy scraps plan to rebuild sub set on fire by lazy worker

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subKITTERY, ME – Sitting on the dock seems to be the fate of the nuclear attack sub the USS Miami. The Navy says it doesn’t have the cash to repair the boat.

The reason: sequestration, the forced across-the board budget cuts.

And so, the Navy will deactivate the sub damaged last year when

This guy set the boat on fire at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine.

He’s Casey James Fury (yes, Fury), a painter and a sandblaster who set the fire to get out of work.

He also admitted setting a second fire three weeks later. He said he was having extreme anxiety both times.

He got 17 years in prison and ordered to pay $400 million in restitution, roughly the cost to fix the boat, but that’s highly unlikely.

The boat’s nuclear reactor was not damaged. Terrorism we can understand, but this was due to pure laziness.

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