Rodney Ellis kicks off Tax- Free weekend with shopping spree

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taxfreeHOUSTON, TX – The time has come. We are on the eve of Tax- Free Holiday weekend.

Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis (D) says, “Consumers are going to save $79 million this weekend for these back to school items so I think this is a great way to make the case that it is an important holiday. We ought to keep it. A number of states around the country have suspended their holidays. Texas has always talked about doing it. We really ought to expand this.”

Shoppers will get the chance to save some money when buying school supplies that cost less than a hundred bucks because they won’t have to pay the 8.25% sales tax.

In honor of that, Walmart gave an 82.5 second shopping spree.

Todd Manle, the Houston-area General Manager for Walmart, says “We’re helping kids. We thought it would be a good idea to have kids help kids. It’s always good for all of us to give back to the community, including our young people.”

Senator Ellis and his son Leland had walked the course before hand to come up with a little strategy.

Rachel Chima with Best Elementary says, “It was funny as a parent because you’re looking like, no get that or grab that and it was awesome as an employee of the school district because you’re looking at how many children that’s going to be affected by this awesome event.”

There were no losers on this day as $3,200 in school supplies will go to Best Elementary School.

This is one game that will hopefully gets a return engagement in the midst of the tax-free bonanza.

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