South Korean women going bat crazy for baseball

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Baseball in South Korea is actually the natural pastime in the country of 50 million, but now female fans are stepping up to the plate.

“Today’s actually my first time watching an actual game and it’s wonderful,” says Kim Hae-eun.

Why the sudden interest?

Is it the team spirit, the charged atmosphere, the thrill of victory? “All the players so attractive” says female fan Jay Kim.

Could player looks be the reason nearly half of baseball fans in South Korea are women?

“Very handsome,” says Seo Yeon-mi.

According to Nick Choi, spokesman for the LG Twins baseball team, “If you attract women to the stadium, well you attract men as well. In Korean culture, whatever a woman wants to do, a man does.”

Well it’s sort of the same here; so maybe the Astros should try it, or hire female cheerleader.

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