Thieves caught on camera taking trash bag full of cigarettes

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HOUSTON, TX – Did the serial cigarette snatchers strike again? $10,000 worth of cigarettes was stolen from this Super-K in Spring Branch a few months back. And now, it looks like the owner is experience déjà vu, as surveillance video shows yet another robbery overnight Thursday. The owner, Mike Gorbet, thinks it could be the same guys from last time.

“We’re very mad and frustrated that we can’t seem to catch these people,” said Gorbet.

Check it out: the video shows someone prying the door open with a tire iron and making his way in. Then his buddy comes in with a trash can, and fills it up with their cig stash. According to Gorbet, nothing else was taken.

Gorbet says this is the fifth time his store has been robbed in the past three years. He’s not happy with the Houston Police Department.

“Last time, they said they would come in. We made a video disc for them. They said they would come back and get the disc and investigate it, but they never showed back up,” said Gorbet.

HPD says they haven’t looked into it because they haven’t received an official police report.

While investigators search for the cig stealers and tally up the damage, the owner’s got to keep on truckin’.

“Same thing: fix it up and start over again. What can you do?” said Gorbet.

Here’s one thing you can do: install a better security system.

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