Woman rents out her breasts to feed babies of gay male couples

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PARIS, FRANCE – Ahhh… breasts! Women got ’em. Men love ’em!  (Some men got ’em, too, but that’s another story.) Now dudes in France can rent ’em!

Before all you horn dogs jump on a plane and head over to the City of Lights– listen up!

The breasts for rent are for breastfeeding newborns. And the woman near Paris offering hers up is doing so only for dudes who probably aren’t that into breasts anyway– gay guys with new babies.

“It’s just a little freaky to me,” says Vivian Hall, a Houston mother.

But Houston wife Karen Thompson disagrees, “I think it’s absolutely marvelous– whatever you can do to help a kid grow up in a healthy way because nursing is much healthier than giving them a bottle.”

But Hall, still uncomfortable with the idea, says, “There are other options besides that. I just don’t want a stranger with my baby.”

“If it bothers some people, they don’t have to partake,” says Laura Fraser, who recently visited France with her mom Betsy while protests over gay marriage were going on. “It’s not their problem. It’s only their problem if they make it their problem.”

Through the website e-loue (loosely translated as “e-renting”), the anonymous mommy says she’ll breastfeed your youngun’ for 100 euros a day (about $130). What’s that include? Up to 10 feedings every 24 hours. (That will be one happy baby.)

“I think it’s a wonderful thing,” says mom Betsy Fraser. “Very generous.”

The woman offering her breast milk online, who identifies herself in the ad as “Cecilia232,” told Reuters she’s received about a dozen offers but, as you might guess– half of them were from pervs.

As of May, gay marriage is now legal in “Pair-ee”, so this rent-a-boob thing could be the shape of things to come.  Because if they want to raise a kid ‘au natural,’ double dads are going to need some milkable double-Ds.

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