16 co-workers claim third winning Powerball ticket

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Just about everyone has dreamed of that moment when they win the lottery. Imagine being able to go into work the next day and telling your boss and co-workers how you really feel, right?! But in this case, a group of co-workers aren’t hatin’ on each other, they’re celebrating.

Sixteen workers at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department in Toms River, New Jersey are the holders of the third winning Powerball ticket.

According to their boss, the money couldn’t have gone to a more deserving group. The workers all live in a coastal New Jersey community that was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. So it’s no doubt the money is much needed and will be put to good use.

The workers aren’t the only ones cashing in. The store where they bought the ticket will also get a $30,000 commission.

So next time your co-workers want to do a work lottery pool, better get out your wallet cause you just never know.