Aereo brings streaming local TV to Houstonians’ tablets & phones

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HOUSTON, TX –Don’t you hate when you get stuck at work and miss your favorite TV show? Well, there’s a company that wants to help you out.

Aereo is based in New York but they’re coming to Houston September 16th. For a small fee, they’ll record any off-the-air HD programming and let you stream it to your phone, tablet or computer whenever you want. You can also pause, fast forward commercials or rewind to the good parts… like a cheap DVR.

It’ll only cost you 8 bucks a month for 20 hours record time, but trust us– if you’ve never had a DVR, you’ll use that up in like a day or two. So for 12 bucks, 60 hours is a better deal.

Now this isn’t going to record “Real Housewives” or “True Blood.” Those are on cable. What you ‘can’ get are the network and local shows that go out over the airwaves. That means stuff like “Top Model,” “Under the Dome,” “Maury,” “Downton Abby,” and, of course, “NewsFix.”

While it’s great for you guys, it’s not so good for the local stations. See– Aereo isn’t paying them (make that “us”) anything to sell you our programming. They claim they’re just selling the antenna and cloud storage space. The signal’s free to everyone, right? So far, the courts have agreed.

But FOX, CBS and Univision have threatened to stop their free over-the-air signals if Aereo doesn’t start giving up a little coin.

So grab it cheap while you can, cause you can bet once they come to Texas– things are going to change! Y’all know folks ’round here will make sure they get their piece o’ the pie!