Alcohol and marijuana found in firefighters killed in West, TX

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As if the plant explosion wasn’t hard enough on the people of West, Texas, attention is back on the devastated town following firefighter autopsy results.

Captains, and brothers, Doug and Bob Snokhous had alcohol in their systems. Their levels were well above the legal driving limit.

Another firefighter, Jerry Chapman, had a small amount of marijuana in his system.

Mayor Tommy Muska said, “They should not have gone to the fire, but I don’t know how you are going to pull them off because they are the first ones to go there.”

That’s because they were volunteer firefighters. There are no paid firefighters in West. Without these guys, there would be no firefighters at all.

“I truly think they are all still heroes. This doesn’t diminish my opinion of them in the least,” said Mayor Muska.

It also doesn’t change what happened and that 15 people died.