Drunk driver dances for police, air-humps his way to jail

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danceGAHANNA, OH – A routine traffic stop turns into a dance routine, when Gahanna, Ohio police pull over a suspected drunk driver; but instead of performing a field sobriety test, the motorist put on a totally different performance.

According to cops, 39-year-old Dale Bentley was caught speeding and initially refused to pull over for the officers. But when Bentley finally did stop, he started to boogie down and it was all caught on dashboard cam.

Bentley seemed to be having a good time, but the officers weren’t laughing. He was eventually found to have a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. Bentley was charged with drunk driving, fleeing from officers and speeding.

But looking at his arrest footage, we would’ve tacked on a charge of dancing with two left feet.