Hoarder drives to fire station to report fire rather than calling 911

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HOUSTON, TX – A fire can take over a house in a matter of minutes, and depending on the amount of crap you’ve got inside it can take even less time than that.

Which is why it’s so impressive there’s anything left of the house on Paso Dobble; the homeowners are hoarders.

A little after midnight the sleeping couple woke up to the smell of smoke. Community volunteer firefighters say the homeowner didn’t take time to grab anything, before she ran out of her house, hopped into the car and drove to the fire station.

Captain Brian Gazaway, from the community volunteer fire department, says the dispatchers at their main station heard a honking. The lady was outside trying to report the fire instead of calling 911. Genius!

Fortunately, the kitchen’s really the only place that took it too tough in the fire and mostly because fire fighters couldn’t get inside to battle the flames.

Things, however, can be replaced and let’s face it, after losing an entire room of stuff in a fire replacing stuff is probably the only thing that’ll make a hoarder feel okay again.