Lavabit, Silent Circle shut down secure email services

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DALLAS, TX – Edward ‘The Snowman’ Snowden, the National Security Agency ‘leaker-thief’, may be in the market for a new email provider.

Ladar Levison, the Dallas guy who runs the secure email service Lavabit has pulled the plug on Snowden and about 350,000 other users.

Ladar posted a message on the Lavabit Web site saying he shut down his service rather than become, in his words, ‘complicit in crimes against the American people.’

That seems to confirm rumors the NSA wanted access to Lavabit’s secure servers. Ladar says Lavabit has filed papers to challenge the request in federal court.

Silent Circle has also shut down its email servers.

Silent Circle posted on its Web page that it shut down just the email part of its business, known as Silent Mail before it gets subpoenas or search warrants from government agencies.

Lavabit and Silent Mail have just a tiny fraction of the world’s email users, but they see themselves as cyber leaders in a battle to protect freedom of speech and the free flow of information.