Man sues former employer for using taser on him at work

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HOUSTON, TX – It was supposed to be a prank, A little afternoon fun between co-workers. But pranks don’t mostly end with someone screaming as if they’re being tortured.

That’s what happened to 45-year-old Bradley Jones after being hit with a Taser repeatedly while at work.

“It would have been a prank if it happened one time,” Jones says.

But it didn’t happen just one time. Over and over, Brad says, his co-workers at Fred Fincher motors tormented him, sneaking up on him with the Taser at the ready. To add insult to injury, he says, they even posted the clips on YouTube for everyone to see, “A lot of the times, the majority of the times, I did not even know I was being filmed.”

After nine months of what he considers torture at the hands of his bosses and fellow employees, enduring for the sake of a job, brad was fired by the company. Now he’s taking a shot back at them, filing a lawsuit against the company claiming harassment and failure to provide a safe workplace. Fred Fincher motors is owned by state representative Patricia Harless and managed by her husband Sam.

The Harless’s attorney said over the phone that they are looking forward to trial and that evidence will show Bradley engaged in the same conduct.

“There is a video of Brad arguing with someone who was Tasing him, ‘asking, ‘how do you like it?'” Jones’s Attorney Paul Valdivieso admits.

“There’s times when I could feel my heart flutter,’ Jones says. ‘There was times that I will admit, embarrassing as it is, that I did urinate and defecate in my clothing at work.”

While the videos have been removed from YouTube, the humiliation has not yet gone away. In the meantime, Bradley Jones is still looking for another job.