New film shows the shocking truth of texting and driving

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s not a box office summer hit, but the film ‘One Second to the Next’ has got some teenagers attentions.

The Werner Herzog documentary is about the dangerous and devastating effects of being on the phone while being behind the wheel.

At the screening was Mayor Annise Parker. She has put a lot into the effort to get people to put the phone down through the campaign It Can Wait, Houston.

“We know that drinking and driving is dangerous, and we know not to get behind the wheel with someone who’s drinking and driving, and yet we will sit next to somebody who is texting and driving. It is just as dangerous,” said Mayor Parker.

Texting and driving has become an epidemic amongst the younger generation, the “right here, right now” generation.

“I feel that the person you’re texting probably feel you don’t wanna talk to them or they’re not important if you don’t reply rapidly, so I think it’s just a trend nowadays, but I don’t think it’s as important as losing your life,” said high school student Roceyona Charles.

It’s an important message that, it seems, these high schoolers heard loud and clear.

“I recommend just put it away. Just put it away until you get to your destination,” said high school student Jose Trevino.

He’s right. It can wait.