Breastfeeding Mom Confronts Woman Who Told Her to Stop

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Another day, another breastfeeding war… this time at the recreation center, in Burleson, Texas.

An angry dad whipped out his cell phone camera as his wife, Lucy Eades confronted an employee who told her to cover up while breastfeeding her 16 day old daughter or move to a private room.

In Texas, it is perfectly legal to breastfeed in public. The city of Burleson says they recognize the law however they were holding a camp for 5 to 15 year olds and was simply asking her to cover-up in order to be respectful of “everyone’s rights”.

This incident happens to fall during National Breastfeeding Month. The rec center breast be watching out, a nurse-in protest is supposedly going down this Saturday.

So what do you think? Should mom’s breastfeed in public?

Some mom’s served up their thoughts on Facebook.

Lois writes: “those who have an issue with mums breast feeding in public need to realise it is their insecurities and miss information that is the problem. Breast feeding has been around for ever and is very natural. I do think breast feeding mums need to be discreet and not flash to much. I use to have an nice scarf or wrap to give me some privacy when out and about.”

Britney: “Definitely a ‘DO’, but I take issue with the fact that she says in the video, “We’re going to end up staging a nurse-in!”. I don’t think that ‘threatening’ a business with more Breastfeeding mothers does any favors to the cause. The whole point is that we are feeding our babies out of NECESSITY, not out of spite or to make others mad or uncomfortable.

I think you know by now I’m about as pro-Breastfeeding as can be, and I’m proud of that mom for defending her right to nurse her baby in that moment. The mention of staging a nurse-in during the heat of that moment just really irked me.”

Brittany: “Thank you for that above comment. I thought I couldn’t breast feed ( not that I wanted to) because of a surgery. Turns out my milk came in 8 days after baby. So I couldn’t anyway. EVERYONE put in there 2 sense. Guess what. MY CHILD SLEEPS 13 hours a night since she was a month old. So in the end, not sorry. . As far as in public, you feed a baby when they are hungry. Do it, but don’t flash it.”

Erika: “Well said Britney. I breastfed all 3 of my kids. It was a personal choice for me and would never force my beliefs on anyone else. That being said, babies that are nursing don’t understand that you are in public and they have to wait until you can get somewhere private. For me if my babies were hungry and I was out I wasn’t always comfortable whipping a boob out in public but if my baby was hungry I did what I needed to do as discretely as possible. If somebody had a problem with it and voiced it I would have cared less. Threatened a nurse in? I don’t think so.”

Serve up your thoughts.

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