Oprah Winfrey’s encounter with racism in Switzerland

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Even if you don`t know much about the Queen of Talk – it`s likely you know she`s got bank! Oprah Winfrey’s worth is estimated to be nearly 3 billion big bucks.

They obviously didn’t get that memo in Switzerland’s largest city.

While visiting Zurich last month -Oprah claims she stared racism right in the face while shopping for a purse. When she asked a store clerk to look at a $38,000 Tom Ford bag -Oprah says the woman replied with “No, it`s too expensive, you will not be able to afford that”.

The Big-O is a class act and she just turned around and walked out. The Swiss Tourism Office has since apologized to Oprah and said they are very sorry for what happened.

Little did that clerk know keeping her mouth shut would have meant quite the commission!