Study shows night light color affects mood

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Are you depressed?  A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests the color of your night light may affect your mood. Now when we say ‘night light’ we`re not necessarily talking about the little light you`d use in a baby`s room.  We`re talking about the light in your room at night.

Researchers at Ohio State University conducted tests using blue, white, and red lights. The studies were done on hamsters but researchers think the results are applicable to humans… and their findings relevant to shift workers who are susceptible to mood disorders.

Unless you`re talking ‘blue light specials’… blue light at night is bad for you.  Researchers found blue light affects mood the most… causing depressive-like symptoms and changes in the brain.  Tests with white light showed similar results.

Surprisingly, those exposed to red light fared better than all the groups *except* the ones that had total darkness at night.

In light of this study… if you`re afraid of the dark… or just need a light at night… think red.  Seeing red at night might keep you from feeling blue during the day.