Suspected San Diego kidnapper’s car found in Idaho

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The multi-state manhunt for James DiMaggio continues, and Friday morning there was a break in the case.

“The blue Nissan Versa was discovered covered in brush. Local law enforcement in the area were able to confirm through the VIN number that the vehicle did belong to DiMaggio,” said Sheriff William Gore with the San Diego Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

The car did not contain explosives as was previously suspected. But officials say they have reason to believe DiMaggio has explosives, wherever he is.

“We think that he’s capable of anything at this point,” said Capt. Duncan Fraser with the San Diego Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

The car was found in the wilderness in Cascade, Idaho. It’s a promising lead after horseback riders say they saw a man and a girl fitting DiMaggio and 16 year old Hannah Anderson’s description.

The family is still holding out hope that Hannah’s brother, Ethan, is still alive despite remains consistent with that of an eight year old being found in the family’s burned California home.

The body of Hannah and Ethan’s mom, Christina Anderson, was also found in the home.

Officials are focused on Idaho, but the Amber Alert remains for the entire west coast. Officials are counting on the public for clues.

Hopeful soon, something will pull through.