Weiner drops in polls; Australian politician resigns for sexting

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NEW YORK, NY – The race for New York mayor is hard on Anthony Weiner.

The new Sienna College, New York Times poll shows Weiner drooping, make that dropping, in the race for the democratic nomination.

His early lead has shriveled to for fourth place.

Christina Quinn, the openly gay city council speaker, tops Weiner and the other two candidates with 25% approval among the city’s Dems.

The sexting controversy seems to be pulling on Weiner.

First, he mocked a female British journalist who asked why he was not pulling out.

Later, he gave his campaign staff a public tongue lashing over how they organized his papers.

It’s nice to know we’re not the only country with Weiner problems.

Peter Dowling (yes, ‘Peter’ Dowling), resigned his seat in the Queensland, Australia parliament.

He quit after his alleged mistress spilled the beans that he had been spilling his beans and other things with her, in person, and in text messages.

She sent a letter to the speaker of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, about her relationship with Peter, the trips they took, and the pictures she says Peter took of his nasty parts, which he sent using government computers and cell phones, including one of his namesake plopped in a glass of red wine.

But of course. Aren’t you supposed to have red wine with meat?