Ukraine Stiletto Race: 100 women, 100 meters

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raceKIEV, UKRAINE – The ladies were pumped-up and ready to race. In today’s shoes-news that doesn’t fall flat.

Ukraine’s stiletto race in Kiev is no easy ‘feat’ folks, we’ve seen models face-plant during fashion shows, and those girls are just walking! But the group of fearless-females ran in heels at least 9-inches, some runners opted for heels as high as 15-inches, while others got crafty by taping up their feet to avoid a Cinderella moment on the race-track.

The gals who were able to keep their shoes on were at each other’s heels the whole way. The runner who lost theirs still kept their heels-held high.

The fastest runner only took 15 seconds to make it to the finish line, and took home a car for her effort.

With speed like that — the girl was a shoe-win!