Women with high IQs less likely to have kids

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HOUSTON, TX – Here’s a statement that will make many of you ladies angry: a study suggests women with higher IQs are less likely to have kids.  Please, don’t hit your screen, Miss.  We’re on your side.

Researcher Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics says a woman’s maternal urge decreases 25% for every 15 additional IQ points. Yo Mr. Kanazawa: clearly, that’s not the greatest pick up line, dude! Instead of arguing that modern-day women prefer to focus on their careers, this guy is basically just saying mothers are dumb.

Simply put, the concept of demographic transition, coined in 1919, refers to the fact that while birth and death rates are high in pre-industrial societies, in more developed societies people tend to have less children and live longer.   So folks, stop judging women for making decisions about their own bodies. That’s the smart thing to do.