Idaho fire continues to burn, more than 1,000 homes evacuated

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Two wildfires, started by a flash of lightening, continue to burn through Idaho. Some 1,600 families have already been forced out of their homes near the Sun Valley. Idaho Governor, Butch Otter, checked out just how much damage these fires have already done to Beaver Creek, near Hailey.

He surveyed the area from a helicopter before hopping out to thank firefighters first hand for the work they’re doing. The Beaver Creek fire’s burned through more than 60,000 acres and is only six-percent contained. Meanwhile, the Elk Complex fire burning near Pine, has taken out more than 125,000 acres already and is about 50-percent contained. Governor Otter says the massive fires are a result of a very warm summer following a dryer than normal fall and winter but, at this point, does it seem like any place has a normal weather pattern anymore?