Can coconut improve our health?

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coconutHOUSTON, TX – The coconut. We know it from German chocolate cake, to drinks on a tropical beach. But did you know, some claim it’s the cure for many ailments.

From high cholesterol, diabetes, to losing weight. Supposedly, it can fight viruses, bacteria and fungus. All from the meat of the coconut, and it’s popularity is rising even though it consists mainly of saturated fat.

So is it really the miracle they say? Should we all rush out to buy it?

John Higgins Ph.D., with UTHealth and Harris Healthy Systems explained, “If you’re going to use it for tanning, on your skin, some people say it’s great with shampoos.”

Ah, but can it improve our health?

“If there was a can of lard in front of me and I was told this would help me to lose weight, I’m not sure I would believe that.”

Not quite the story in all the miraculous claims.

“It has some bad effects on your heart. It can increase your bad cholesterol. It can increase the good cholesterol as well, but it increases the bad cholesterol more than it increases the good cholesterol.”

The moral of this story, Dr. Higgins says, “I would avoid it. No to coconut oil and coconut butter.”

You may not want to believe everything you read!

“Save your coconut craving for your next tropical vacation. You’re at the pool, have one of those coconut drinks.”

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