Passenger tries opening emergency door during flight

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MEMPHIS, TN – Guess one passenger couldn’t wait until his flight landed in Austin to get weird.

An Airtran flight from Baltimore to our capitol city was diverted to Memphis when a guy tried opening the emergency landing at the back of the plane.

“The next thing I know, I heard this flight attendant say, ‘sir, you can’t do that,’ or something like that, and I looked, cause I was standing in the isle waiting for him. I looked and here comes kind of barreling, stumbling down the aisle, sat right down, closed his eyes, went to sleep,’ said Sarah Jesser, who sat next to the suspect on the flight. ‘Then they had me move, and they put, wonderfully, one of the Marines who was on the flight in my seat.”

By the time the flight landed, airport officials say the man had calmed down. But that doesn’t mean he was out of the doghouse. He was detained by the FBI for two hours before getting hauled off by police. No word yet if charges will be filed.

We’re all for keeping Austin weird, but let’s keep the skies safe.

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