Will $241,000 price tag to raise a kid dissuade future parents?

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WASHINGTON, DC – Folks love their baby making! But a new study shows they may need more bucks for that bang.

Now, we’re not talkin’ hoe’s. We’re talkin’ kiddoes!  See — the U.S. Department of Agriculture says each child you have will end up costing you $241,080 — $6000 more than just two years ago. Could that be why parents always feel so broke?

For the record, that doesn’t include college, and it’s just to age 18 (and how many kids actually leave home by 18 these days?).

CNBC says college costs for today’s newborns will total about half a million bucks. That’s bad news for celebs like T.I. who has more baby mamas than hits. And Brad and Angelina better earn a few more Oscars to raise their asking price if they want to support their brood.

The price of a child goes up depending on where you live, too.  A kid in the northeast will cost you more like $446,000 while country kids can grow up for almost diddly-squat – $150,000.

So how’s this news sound to folks here in Houston?

“Financially at the moment, I’m 22 years old and I’m having an interesting time supporting myself,” says

Leigh Shultis, a student at U of H, “so I think– yeah, it would dissuade me from having children.”

John Richards, a father to adult kids, says, “Today with gasoline and everything else, it’s getting more expensive. I’d hate to have young kids today.”

“You’ve gotta be prepared when you have that kid that everything changes,” says Chris Norton, a dad of two kids aged two and 2 months, “and if they’re not your focus, you’re gonna be really upset about how much money you’re spending.”

So next time you feel like a little bone and moan…. you better make sure you’ve secured that loan!

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