10-year-old charged with rape of 4-year-old appears in court

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a Houston story told around the world, on news sites and in blogs. A 10-year-old Houston girl, arrested on a charge of aggravated rape of a 4-year-old boy.

Investigators say it happened last April at the Sharpstown Manor Apartments in southwest Houston.

They say a group of kids were playing on the playground when the girl did something to the boy. Investigators took nearly four months to decide to charge her with aggravated rape.

The mother and girl were in court, accompanied by New Black Panther Party head Quanell X who told reporters he believes the case will be moved to a more appropriate venue; so the girl and the other children can get the counseling they need.

“In looking at this case, I believe that those in the courtroom could see today that this is a little heavy-handed in rushing to charge this girl with aggravated rape,’ says Quanell X. ‘This is not an aggravated rape, this is an inappropriate horseplay case.”

Quanell X also said he thinks this case ended up in criminal charges against the girl because of what he called lazy investigators and because of poverty.

“Being poor has played a significant role in why this child was charged. When you look at what she’s accused of, the type of horseplay she’s accused of, an affluent child would never have been charged with aggravated rape. This is nothing more than it’s hell to be poor and facing an investigator.”

Houston police had no comment on his statements.

The next court appearance for the girl will be in October, assuming the district attorney doesn’t drop the charges by then.

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