As many as 1300 died in chemical attack in Syria

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DAMASCUS, SYRIA – Another possible chemical attack on Syrian civilians by their government. The president of the Syrian National Congress, speaking from exile in Turkey, claims more than 1,300 people died in the suburbs of Damascus.

The Syrian government says those charges are a bunch of ‘hooey.’

The White House issued a statement saying it is ‘deeply concerned’ about the accusations, and has asked the United Nations to look into it.

Syria`s supporters in Russia, though, say the claims are fake and were planned to coincide with the current UN investigation of the last reported chemical attack on civilians earlier this year.

After images of that possible attack came out last April, President Obama said Syrian president Assad had crossed the line. ‘To use potential weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations crosses another line with respect to international norms and international law.’

So, while President Obama draws lines in the sand that don`t seem to matter much to Syria, people continue to die.

The UN says more than 100,000 have died over the past two years, with millions more displaced, becoming refugees in whatever country will take them.

And, as is often the case, the children become the faces of war.

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