Conroe police confiscate $10 million worth of pot plants

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weedCONROE, TX – There’s going to be a lot of weed whacking in Conroe.

That`s because Conroe police found up to 20,000 marijuana plants growing on several wooded acres in the southwest part of town.

That many plants would mean one plant for about every three Conroe residents, assuming no one bogarted the plant.

Police valued each plant at 500 bucks, meaning somebody just lost a $10 million payday.

Police say the property owners didn’t know about the pot grove that had been there for a while, from the looks of things. Cops found cots, food, water, water pumps and a generator.

“We conducted the surveillance for over a week and a half,’ said Sgt. Dorcy Riddle of the Conroe police. ‘This was around-the-clock surveillance. Because we had no suspects at that time, and because the living arrangements were out there, we felt they probably already knew we were aware of the grow, and had abandoned the grow.”

They’ll cut down the weed, let it dry, then put a flame to it.

For someone, that’s going to be a lot of work that goes up in smoke.

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