Hate-filled letter tells family to ‘euthanize’ autistic son

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TORONTO, CANADA – Neighbors can be annoying. They can even be scary. But words can’t describe the foul behavior from a neighbor in Newcastle, Ontario.

“I really don’t think it was a mother because a mother could never, never write that stuff about a child.”

Karla Begley is talking about an anonymous letter written about her son, Max.

Max is 13 and autistic, and he was staying with his grandmother when the letter was mailed to the home.

Parts of it read:

“That noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL!!!!!!!!!! It scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!!!”

It gets worse:

“No employer will hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him…”

Then, it reads the unthinkable.

When Begley was asked what part of the letter stuck out to her the most she said, “The part about donating his un-retarded body parts to science because he’s no good for anything else-that made me wanna puke… and then when it ended saying to euthanize him?”

This person actually wrote to euthanize a child. And he or she doesn’t even have the guts to admit who they are.

Neighbor Angela Palantzas said, “I hope the police do find them and I hope they release his name to the neighborhood because the neighborhood’s very upset.”

Also upset are people who caught wind of the letter through social media. It was tweeted by actor/singer sisters Lennon and Maisy. It was retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

But all of the love and support can’t erase what this vile person did.

They better hope no one finds out who they are. The hate is going to come back to them 10-fold.

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