Houston family claims pharmacy killed 6-year-old daughter

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HOUSTON, TX – A year and a half after she lost her daughter, Houston mom Simone Allen is still seeking answers.

6-year-old Jadalyn had sickle cell anemia and was prescribed morphine to help her with the pain during flare-ups.

One night, Allen says, she gave Jadalyn one dose of the medicine.

“Of course I didn’t think that she wasn’t gonna wake up the next morning,” said Allen.

An autopsy showed Jadalyn died of morphine toxicity, and the death was ruled an accident.

Allen says her daughter’s prescription for 15 milligrams was dispensed for 150 milligrams.

She’s blaming Cullen Care Pharmacy for the tragic mishap.

“The medical examiner, she kept telling me she didn’t understand why the concentration of the morphine was so high,” said Allen.

Now Allen is suing, citing medical negligence.

“You trust people with your life, your kids’ life. I didn’t think that they would just throw it away like it was nothing,” said Allen.

No one with the pharmacy is talking.

Perhaps the lawsuit will figure out who is to blame here.

One thing we know, little Jadalyn was in pain. Now her mom is dealing with the pain of losing her little girl.

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