Wearing red lipstick will boost your confidence, make men stare

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HOUSTON, TX – Red is hot, and men get bothered when it comes to lipstick. Red lipstick in turn makes women feel more confident, and men find it that more attractive.

A University of Manchester study says red lipstick draws attention to the mouth.

Men looked at pictures of women wearing red longer than other colors, while women not wearing anything on their lips barely got a glimpse.

We turned to an expert, Jennifer Aronson, a Bayou City makeup artist, says, “They usually have a vibrant personality, they don’t mind being noticed. They like the color red to be the focus of their face, their lips to be the focus of their face.  And I feel like, they feel very confident once they put the red lipstick on.”

Whether you love red or hate it, it definitely gets a reaction.

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