1,345 pound Saudi man forklifted to hospital

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RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – You think you have problems, get a load of this guy.

Weighing in at 1,345 pounds, 20-year-old Khalid Mohsin Shayari from Saudi Arabia is the heaviest guy in the world. But now he’s getting the royal treatment, literally.

He has been unable to leave his bedroom for over two years, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah stepped in and financed Shaari’s extraction from his apartment.

The transfer required a special bed constructed in the United States and part of his home was demolished so he could come down from the second floor.

A forklift was used to transport him to an ambulance. From there he was airlifted aboard a Saudi air force plane to a hospital in Riyadh for treatment.

There, he’ll undergo a series of dietary and physical programs to lose weight and is expected to undergo surgery soon.

The Red Cross, Saudi Arabia’s health ministry and military personnel all took part in the expensive operation, which took six months of preparation.

Shaari’s cousin says he’s finally relieved he’s going to get treatment.

“Khalid has suffered from a disease since he was young and his illness has worsened recently. He became bedridden and his weight started increasing day after day until he ended up the weight he is now,” Shaari’s cousin said.

Why didn’t this guy go to the doctor about his weight gain problem a thousand pounds ago?

Regardless, he’s been given a huge chance to get healthier, so don’t blow it dude.