CD and DVD sales still going strong in Japan

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Just when we thought Japan was a synonym for cutting edge technology and weird TV shows we learn that folks over there choose hard CD copies over downloads when shopping for music.

“One time, a foreign retailer told me that Japanese people don’t mind the prices, but do care about what comes with the CDs,” said Kotaro Taguchi, from the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Japan is the number one country in the world for CD and DVD sales. Physical media make up 80% of music transactions in Japan, compared to just 34% in the U.S. and 49% in Britain.

You might want to blame Japan’s aging population for this old fashion, but who knows? Perhaps there’s still something special about CDs?

“Whenever you buy a copy of a CD not only you have the hard disc and you can upload it to any device that you may have,’ explained Kristen Schoettler, a sales representative at Houston’s Movie Exchange,’but you also have the original artwork that came with the CD.”

Now we get it: if compact discs and DVDs are so trendy in Japan, may be that explains why cassettes are still considered hi-tech in North Korea.