Clerk critically injured trying to protect David Hasselhoff posters

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SHELTON, CT – David Hasselhoff is back- again and his fans can’t get enough of him.

‘The Hoff’ is the poster boy for Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain located on the East Coast. His ads to hock ‘Iced Hoffe’ are typical — campy with some chest hair. Although his cheesy song hasn’t taken off, the signs sure have — more than 500 since last year.

A clerk in Shelton, Connecticut tried to prevent two life size Hoff posters from being heisted. Police say he “was dragged and flipped and fell back on his head.”

What was likely a silly prank left a 36-year-old store clerk in critical condition. The driver, a 19-year-old turned, turned himself in and so far no charges have been filed; though cops are probably waiting to see if the clerk survives.

If he does, he should be Employee of the Month after all he risked his life to save ‘The Hoff.’