Convicted leaker Bradley Manning wants to live as Chelsea Manning

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FORT MEADE, MD – He’s no Chelsea Lately, he’s just lately Chelsea.

Of course, we’re talking about convicted leaker Bradley Manning who is going to spend the next 35 years or so in prison at Fort Leavenworth after his conviction of stealing and leaking 750,000 pages of classified documents to WikiLeaks.

An army psychologist testified during the trial that manning appeared to be isolated and under intense pressure as a male soldier dealing with gender identity issues.

Manning told the court at his sentencing hearing that he was dealing with those issues when he stole and leaked the documents.

And now he says being a man among men is not how he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Manning told NBC’s ‘Today’ that he wants hormone therapy, at the expense of the military, of course, and to live as a female named Chelsea.

That’s right. He wants the big bad government to pay for his transition from Bradley to Chelsea.

And that takes a lot of things he’s hoping not to have .