Final day of Major Nidal Hasan’s trial

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FORT HOOD, TX – It was the final day of major Nidal Hasan’s trial, the army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood Shooting.

From the start it was an odd trial. Hasan acted as his own attorney, admitted to the shooting, and when it came time to call a witness to the stand, Hasan called no one, not even himself.

He even declined to give a closing argument on Thursday.

But Hasan isn’t the first criminal to try this tactic. John Allen Muhammed, aka the DC Sniper acted as his own lawyer and failed.

Same goes for Lynette Fromme from the Mansion family, who was charged with the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford.

And Ted Bundy, one of the most infamous serial killers in U.S. history also waived his right to an attorney, was found guilty and sentenced to death.