Former Egyptian President Mubarak released from prison

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CAIRO, EGYPT – In the land of the pharaohs where only the Sphynx knows the secrets of the dead, and how the dead come back to life, comes the amazing, incredulous, unbelievable story of ‘Hosni 2: Mubarak, Back from the Dead.

Two years ago, it seemed all of Egypt was dancing in the streets when Hosni Mubarak resigned as president after more than 30 years in office.

It didn’t take long for the interim government to convict him of inciting violence against the protesters who helped force him out.

The court sentenced him to life in prison. But no one expected him to spend much time behind bars. He was sick during the trial and went into a coma after he went to prison.

It now seems he got better.

In the last few days, the court overturned his conviction and ordered his release.

But he won’t be walking the streets of Cairo as a free man. He’ll be under house arrest while the courts decide whether to look into corruption charges.

He’ll be joining Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s other former president who has been under house arrest since the coup-that-was-not-a coup forced him out of office.

So now Egypt has another interim government and two former presidents under house arrest.

This has all the makings of the kiss of death. It is Egypt, after all.