Israel shoots down rockets fired from Lebanon

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NORTHERN ISRAEL – Israel’s Iron Dome protection against incoming enemy missiles went one for four in the latest attack.

The rockets came from Lebanon, aimed at cities in northern Israel. Lebanon’s national news agency reported four rockets fired, Israel said at least three.

No one has taken responsibility, and Israel would only say this was the work of global jihadists.

No one was hurt, and investigators are picking up the fragments as they try to figure out who launched the rockets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau says his nation will find whoever did it and will hurt them.

In Syria, bombs seem to have replaced chemical weapons, at least for right now. Reports say the Syrian government dropped bombs on the rebel-held suburbs around eastern Damascus, the same towns where as many as 1,300 people died from an apparent chemical weapons attack Wednesday.

At least that’s the accusation from the groups fighting President Assad’s forces. The Syrian government, though, says ‘not so fast’, saying there’s no proof.

The people in seen in amateur videos got sick and died from something. But the questions are: what was it, and who did it?