New patent reveals plans for ads on Google Glass

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Right now the only type of online ads we really have to deal with are the ones that show up along the side of our Facebook, or the annoying ones that pop up before we play a video on YouTube. Oh yeah, we can’t forget about pop ups, too.

But leave it to Google to re-invent the advertising wheel.

By now you’ve heard of Google Glass, the wearable computer that looks like a super high-tech pair of glasses.

According to, Google’s been granted a patent that outlines how advertisers could be charged according to the number of views an ad gets while wearing Glass. It’s called ‘Pay-Per-Gaze,’ and it’s what you might be thinking.

Basically the gaze-tracking technique would pinpoint what the glass wearer was looking at.

The patent doesn’t specifically mention Google Glass, but it does say it’s a ‘gaze-tracking system’ that requires a ‘head mounted gaze tracking device’ which ‘comprises eyeglasses.’

Um, all that sounds like Google Glass, don’t you think?!

You know, with all this Google takeover, pretty soon Google’s going to go from our computers and smart phones and right into our heads.