NSA caught with thousands of emails from Americans

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WASHINGTON, DC – There’s new information that the friendly folks at the National Security Agency got their hands on about 56,000 emails from Americans, people who had nothing to do with terrorism.

We’re not talking over a long period. No, this happened over three years, ending in 2011. And not just emails. The data also included Internet activity.

We know this because the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FISA Court, took the NSA to the woodshed, and said the NSA ‘misrepresented’ the scope of its activity. The NSA says it was all a mistake, an unavoidable technical problem.

Intel officials also deny reports that the NSA sifts through, and has access to, 75% of online communications in this country.

The White House is catching flak from Republicans and Democrats over the secret data collection. Two weeks ago, President Obama looked the American people in the eyes and said the government is not violating our privacy, “America is not interested in spying on ordinary people. Our intelligence is focused, above all, on finding information that’s necessary to protect our people.”

The FISA Court ordered the NSA to destroy all the data it collected on Americans during those three years, 2008 through 2011. The NSA says it did. But then, it also said it didn’t have it, until it got caught.

Seems we should be watching the watchers a little more closely.