Louisiana sues Texas Brine for damage caused by massive sinkhole

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ASSUMPTIONS PARRISH, LA – It began one year ago in Assumption Parrish, Louisiana as gas bubbles throughout the bayou. Nothing to get too hysterical about right?! But the burps just kept growing and growing.

A massive sinkhole, nearly 24-acre and 750 foot deep, gave Assumption’s 350 residents the ‘sinking feeling’ things would get much worse. 40-foot trees are swallowed up in just seconds.

All of this started when the salt dome collapsed, owned by Texas Brine of Houston. So the company agreed to pay residents $875 a week, but still say the sinkhole isn’t their fault.

Recently, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced a lawsuit filed by the state against Texas Brine for the damage this ginormous whole in the ground is causing.

Governor Jindal said, “By filing suit, we are staying committed to holding Texas Brine accountable for the damage they’ve caused to our state.”

Of course, Texas Brine is pointing the finger at three other companies they feel could be to blame, filing their own lawsuits.

Only Mother Nature knows how big this thing will get, and a spokesperson for Texas Brine says, ‘what is happening in Assumption Parrish is unprecedented.’

Huh, so far that’s the only thing all parties seem to agree on.

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  • Motorider777

    Wow……I'm not protecting the big corporations. But, There is not evidence/proven geological fact, Consider This recently happen. I know technology is out there to perform the testing. But, It's not a 100% accurate….Not it in a short time.Models have to be made/recreated to perform this act for solid evidence. In other words…..You can't sue all the gynecologist in the world because Mother Nature is a P.M.S.ing Bitch and can't be controlled.

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