Spray on caffeine promises to nix the need for coffee

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sprayCAMBRIDGE, MA – There’s nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning. But now if you don’t have time to get the boost you’re looking for, you might have another option, a spray on option.

Ben Yu and Deven Soni are the dudes behind a new product Sprayable Energy, spray on caffeine that absorbed through the skin.

“In coffee or energy drinks, you get all the caffeine at once and then it leaves your system,” Yu said.

According to these guys, each bottle contains 160 sprays. Each pump? Equal to a quarter cup of coffee. That’s 40 cups of coffee per bottle.

“So you can carry this in your pocket, leave one in your car, or in your desk and kind of get the energy you want anytime,” Soni adds.

Dr. Richard N. Firshein, a nutrition & integrative of medicine said, “This is a medication in a sense that can have serious consequences.”

So would you be willing to trade in your cup of coffee for a spritz?

If so, it will cost you $15 bucks. It’ll hit store shelves at the end of October; don’t know if it has the FDA’s approval.

You know though, it’s about time someone invented this because, drinking a cup of coffee is so dang complicated.