Calls prove Syrian army used nerve gas, but who ordered it?

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DAMASCUS, SYRIA – Vice President Joe Biden was pretty definite when he spoke to the American Legion national convention in Houston Monday: ‘There is no doubt who is responsible for the heinous use of chemical weapons in Syria: the Syrian regime.’

But now, it seems, the question is: ‘who’ inside the Syrian regime is responsible?

Foreign Policy magazine reports U.S. spies picked up frantic phone calls between someone in the Syrian defense ministry and the leader of a chemical weapons unit after last week’s chemical attack on civilians east of Damascus.

The magazine says a U.S. intelligence official raised the question of who’s to blame: a senior member of the government or a rogue military officer?

President Obama is still deciding when and where to hit Syria.

Secretary of State Hagel says U.S. forces are positioned and ready.

But the United Nations wants everyone to step back and wait a few days.

UN inspectors say they will need four days to complete their investigation that was delayed when someone riddled their convoy with bullets.

Meantime, Russian television is reporting the evacuation of another plane load of Russians. More than 700 Russians have left Syria since January.

In Israel, people are lining up to get gas masks, just in case Syria or Iran makes good on threats to retaliate.

And in ‘the cloud’, the New York Times is trying keep its website running.

The Syrian Electronic Army may have been behind the second attack on the times this month. This is the same outfit that hacked into the Associated Press Twitter account in April to tweet about an attack on the White House.

Of course, a hack attack is better than a cruise missile any day.