Louisiana poll blames Obama for poor response after Katrina

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BATON ROUGE, LA – It’s been eight years since Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana coast, but residents are still feeling the effects. And some are still upset about how the government responded to the area after the disaster.

But a new poll by the Public Policy Polling shows that Louisianans don’t know who to blame. 28% of them blame George W. Bush. That would make sense since he was president at the time. But a whopping 29% blame President Barack Obama.

Considering the storm happened three years before Obama even took office is kind of ridiculous. It’s likely Obama didn’t even have his eye on the White House yet.

44% of those surveyed didn’t know who to blame.

Now while there’s definitely some who strongly disapprove of Obama right now, maybe they’d have a stronger case blaming him for something that actually took place during his administration.